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June 29 2015


Simplify Our Tasks by Using a Gadget-Based Property Inspection Application

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Not an Easy Task

It is not easy to create an informative inspection report especially for some of us who are currently on the property business. Inspection is one of the main task for a landlord or a property manager where the main purpose is to know the real condition in our property. We, as either landlord or property manager, are able to do inspection by ourselves or by hiring an inspection team. However, we as the person who holds the biggest responsibility to the property needs to make a guidance. This guidance will enable both ourselves and inspection team to check all important parts in the property. The guidance usually comes in the form of template that can be filled where the final result will be an inspection report. As what has been mentioned before, for some people, it is hard to create such an effective template in order to make an informative report, Also, we usually need lots of papers both for making the report and for the signature for the inspection team. There will always be an additional cost to do all of those stuffs manually and it is surely wasting our time.

Visiting the Site

If we are one of the people who is bothered with the need to make a template for report or other requirements for inspection manually then we should try to visit www.propertyinspect.com.  It is basically the website that we are looking for if we find it hard to do property inspection. In that website, we can get a property inspection app which is basically a breakthrough to make our life as a property manager or landlord easier. We can remove all the need to make inspection report by using paper where it will be replaced by this app. This app is perfectly designed for all of us who want to manage our property in a better way. In that website, we can also find an additional information about advantageous features that we can get by using the property inspection app.

Web-Based Reports

The very first feature which is included in this app is the web-based reports. Yes, it means that we will have a paperless report and all of the report can be done on our gadget. The report itself is the most complete report since it will be automatically generated and numbered. If we want to add photos, disclaimers, or even signatures then we shouldn’t worry since we can have those stuffs attached to our web-based reports.

Real-Time Notifications

Another advantageous feature is the real-time notifications. This feature benefits us by giving an alert to every completed or pending tasks on the inspection by our inspection team. With this feature, we can regularly monitor any progresses that are made. In conclusion, if we are too lazy to make paper-based reports or a creative template of the report, it is strongly advised to visit their website mentioned above. At this link, we will find all the information that we want to know about the property inspection app. We are also able to try this app for free since there is a free 14 days trial.

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